Essential Oils and Emotions

Positive Properties you want to create

Negative emotions you want to change.

Basil The oil of renewal Karma Happy

Energized, Renewed, Rejuvenated, Rested, Strengthened.

Anxious, Overwhelmed, Drained, Exhausted, Negative habits.

Bergamot The oil of self-acceptance Karma Happy

Self-acceptance, optimistic, Confident, Hopeful, Lovable, Good enough.

Despairing, Low self- esteem, Judgment, Unlovable, Hopeless.

Cedarwood The oil of community Karma Calm, Karma Happy, Karma Dreams

Emotionally connected, Belonging, Supported, Social bonds, Sociable, Community oriented.

Inability to form social bonds, Lonely, Feeling separate from the human race, Anti social.

Cinnamon The oil of sexual harmony Karma Happy

Body acceptance, Attractive, Accepted, Healthy sexuality, Intimate.

Body shame, Fearful, Controlling, Jealous, Sexual abuse, Sexual repression, Overactive sexuality.

Clary Sage The oil of clarity and vision Karma Happy

Spiritual clarity, Intuitive, Open – minded, Imaginative, Spiritually discerning.

Confused, darkness, spiritually disconnected, hopeless blocked creativity.

Frankincense The oil of truth Karma Calm, Karma Happy

Enlightened, Loved, Protected, Wisdom, Discerning, Spiritually open, Connected to father.

Abandoned, Spiritually Disconnected, Distant from father, Unprotected, Spiritual darkness.

Geranium The oil of love & trust Karma Happy

Emotional healing, Empathetic, Trusting, Forgiving, Gentle, Loving, Tolerant, Open.

Abandoned, Loss, Distrusting, Unforgiving, Unloving, Disheartened, Heavyhearted, Grieving.

Grapefruit The oil of honoring the body Karma Happy

Respectful of physical needs, Body acceptance, Nourished, Healthy relationship with food.

Body shame, Obsession with food or Dieting eating issues, Distorted self-image, Hiding.

Lavender The oil of communication & calm Karma Calm, Karma Up Karma Balance

Open communication, Calm, Expressive, Emotional honesty, Self aware, Peace of mind.

Blocked communication, Fear of rejection, Constricted, Tense, Racing thoughts, Emotional dishonesty, Hiding, Fear of self-disclosure, Feeling unseen, Unheard, Unloved.

Lemon The oil of focus Karma Happy

Focus, Energized, Mental clarity, Alert, Rational, Joyful.

Confused, Inability to focus, Mentally fatigued, Lack of joy, Learning issues, Guilty, Disengaged.

Mandarin The oil of child like perspective Karma Up

Seeing sweetness in life, Wonder in parenting, Refreshed, Joy in simple moments, Cherishing childhood, Innocence, Positive perspective.

Overwhelmed, Weighed down, Joyless parenthood, Stressed, Exhausted, Discouraged, Burdened, Jaded.

Myrrh The oil of mother earth Karma Dreams

Safe in the world, Healthy attachments, Trusting, Bonding, Material connection, Nurtured, Loved, Secure, Grounded.

Disrupted Material connection, Distrusting, Neglected, Unsafe in the world, Malnourished.

Orange The oil of Abundance Karma Happy, Karma Up

Abundant, Sense of humor, Playful, Generous, Spontaneous, Creative, Joyful.

Scarcity, Overly serious, Rigid, Dull, Workaholic, Lack of energy, Discouraged, Hoarding, Envious.

Patchouli The oil of physicality Karma Dreams

Grounded, Confident, Moderation, Body connection & Acceptance, Balanced, Stable, Physically expressive

Body shame & Judgment, Disconnected from body, Ungrounded, Body tension.

Peru Balsam The oil of unveiling Karma Dreams

Worthy, Self aware, Clarity, Forgiven, Redefinition of self, Purposeful existence.

Shameful, Guilty, Regret, Self-loathing, Less than, Unworthy, Suppressed emotions, Rebelling

Sandalwood The oil of sacred devotion Karma Happy

Humble, Spiritual devotion, Spiritual clarity, Still, Surrender, Connected to higher consciousness.

Disconnected from god or Spiritual self, Emptiness, Overthinking, Materialistic.

Tangerine The oil of cheer & Creativity Karma Dreams

Cheerful, fun, Creative, Spontaneous, Fulfilled, Lighthearted, Joyful, Optimistic.

Overburdened by responsibilities, Stifled creativity, Duty-bound, Overworked, Heavyhearted, Joyless.

Ylang Ylang The oil of the inner child KarmaCalm, Karma Dreams

Playful, free, Intuitive, Emotionally connected, Healing, Joyful, innocent.

Joyless, Stressed, Overanalyzing, Sad, Disconnected from inner child.