Questions & Answers

What do you get?

Calico bag, to carry it all in, 4 oz tin, warning label, soy wax, fragrance, wick, wick sticker, wick stabilizer and instructions

 How much do you sell them for?

RRP: $11 each

How much do you pay for them?

Only $7 each that’s a huge $4 profit per candle making Kit.

50 sets @ $11 each would be a massive profit of $200

 Is there a minimum quantity to order?

Yes you must order 25 sets

How long do the candles burn for?

Each candle burns for approx. 20 hours.

What age does this suit?

8 years (with adult supervision) to 100yrs +

boys and girls love to make candles.

When do you pay for them?

Please email me at to discuss your options.

What fragrances do they come in?

You get a mixture of our top sellers, something for everyone.